Does Your Commercial Property Need Concrete Repair Services?

We do concrete and structural repair


We offer repairs on Residential or Commercial Concrete Structure(s), which can include lifting a structure to the final stucco finish. Two common issues on any property in Florida is primarily spalling where moisture enters concrete, and forces the surface to pop, peel, or flake off. Initially this only causes visual defects, but over time spalling can eventually cause the crumbling and destruction of the structure. The secondary issue is the sinking and settling of structures. This sinking is caused by the make-up of the soil, weak loose soil cannot bear the weight of most structures which causes them to sink further and further into the ground. Having a high-water table as well only adds to these problems.

A common area to fall prey to this issue are sidewalks. Whether it be from tree roots growing under a slab, or the water cycle taking soil away over time sidewalks sink. This can create cracks on the surface as concrete fills the voids created beneath, in severe cases this causes one slab to sink below the other. This raised surface creates what is known as a "trip hazard" a liability issue as well as an aesthetically unpleasing look.

Did you know that these trip and fall cases often end up costing thousands of dollars not just in legal fees alone?